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Vote Now for Your Favorite Law! Created by Arizona Students 2015

Vote Now for Your Favorite Law!  Created by Arizona Students 2015

In celebration of Law Day 2015, Arizona classrooms have submitted their type 5 laws for our

Create a Law for 2015 Law Day!

Create a Law for 2015 Law Day! is continuing our annual tradition of hosting a statewide “Create A Law” Competition...

Online Privacy

You set your online privacy settings to ‘private’, so only the people you want to see your postings...

Arizona High School Mock Trial 2016 - Team University High School and Xavier College Preparatory take top honors

  The following schools made up the 16 teams invited to this year’s Arizona High School Mock Trial...

Social Media and the 4th Amendment

Social media become increasingly popular and while many people think that what they post online is for...

U.S. Senate Judiciary Committee supports two bills regarding Human Trafficking.

Mock Trial Teams Headed to State

Regional Mock Trials to be held this weekend

How a bar of soap can save human trafficking victims

New Law Requires Passing a Civic Test

Billboards aim to stop Human Trafficking in the Phoenix Area

Slavery’s Legacies in Human Trafficking Advocacy

Human Trafficking

To Beat Trafficking, change mindsets

State Bar of Arizona Finish the Ballot Video Contest

iCivics Arizona

Teachers: participate online to have your students receive free McDonald’s Smoothie Coupons (sponsored by McDonald’s)
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