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Attention: open in a new window. PDFPrintE-mail is continuing our annual tradition of hosting a statewide “Create A Law” Competition in celebration of Law Day 2015!!!  Follow these steps for a chance to win a $250 giftcard for your classroom as well as a $10 Target giftcard for each student (maximum of 30 students).  All participating classes will become a member of our LawForKids Club and will receive our LFK Super Hero sticker for each student and will be showcased on our LawForKids Club webpage.

Teacher Instructions:

  1. Have your students work individually or in small groups to create a NEW LAW or change an EXISTING LAW!  This law should be relevant and meaningful to their lives.  Have the students brainstorm ideas for a new law or a law they would like changed in Arizona.  If students are unsure as to whether the law exists, have them research it on
  2. Once students have created a law (either individually or in groups), have them vote on their top 5 classroom laws.
  3. Submit your classroom’s top 5 favorite laws (5 laws are required per classroom).
  4. Each classroom’s top 5 favorite laws will be posted on for the week of May 4th to allow students, parents, family and the community to vote on their favorite law submitted.
  5. Three classrooms (one from each level - Elementary, Middle & High) who have the highest votes will receive a $250 giftcard and the students from that class will each receive a $10 Target giftcard (maximum of 30 students in a class).
  6. Teachers can submit 5 laws for multiple classrooms.
  7. All classroom laws must be submitted online by Friday, May 1st.
  8. The Laws will be posted online for voting May 4th.  Voting will close on Sunday, May 10th at Midnight.  Students, parents, teachers, etc. can vote as many times as they prefer!!!
  9. Giftcards will be mailed the following week.
  10. To submit your classroom laws, click here!

Student Instructions: Share this page and site with your teachers.  All laws must be submitted by a classroom teacher.

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You set your online privacy settings to ‘private’, so only the people you want to see your postings can see them, right? Or maybe your screen name is something obscure, so no one could know it’s you. Your school may still be reading your ‘private’ postings. Many high schools and colleges are hiring companies to track student’s online activity. They are looking for a wide variety of information-from information about standardized test leaks and possible school shooting threats to eating disorders and bullying. Click here to continue reading for the full story.



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The following schools made up the 16 teams invited to this year’s Arizona High School Mock Trial State Tournament:

  • Arizona School for the Arts –Teacher Bailey Williams, Phoenix
  • BASIS Flagstaff – Teacher Corey Hartman, Flagstaff
  • BASIS Peoria – Teacher Lee Tran, Peoria
  • Brophy College Preparatory  - Teacher Jessica Mason, Phoenix
  • Gregory School – Teacher Daniel Young, Tucson
  • Northland Preparatory – Teacher Wesley Baron, Flagstaff
  • University High School – Teacher Kerry Montano, Tucson
  • Westwood High School – Teacher Robert Guyton, Mesa
  • Xavier College Preparatory – Teacher John Cosden, Phoenix

University High School’s ZEK Team and Xavier College Preparatory’s FGE Team shared the honor of being named this year’s State Champions!

Second Place – University High School’s GUL Team

Third Place – Xavier College Preparatory’s KZE Team

Fourth Place – Xavier College Preparatory’s CWA Team

All State Team Honorees with Scholarships given by the Arizona Association of Defense Counsel.

Rodrigo Delatorre – University High School

Emma Mertens ( Arizona School for the Arts)

Phoebe Wells (Arizona School for the Arts)

Lee McMahon – Xavier College Preparatory - $500 Scholarship, 1st place on All-State Team

Jackie Edmonds - Xavier College Preparatory - $300 Scholarship, 2nd place on All-State Team

Aubrey Hills - Xavier College Preparatory  - $100 Scholarship, tied for 3rd place on All-State Team

Katherine Milano - Xavier College Preparatory  - $100 Scholarship, tied for 3rd place on All-State Team

Justice Michael Ryan Award for Outstanding Glossary Link Attorney in Championship Round

Aubrey Hills – Xavier College Preparatory

Court Artist Contest

State Winner – Cecilia Ramey – Xavier College Preparatory

Region 3 Winner – Edward Nolan, Jr. – Brophy College Preparatory


Region 7 Winner – Jonathan Liu – BASIS Flagstaff


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Social media become increasingly popular and while many people think that what they post online is for theirs and a few select friends’ eyes only, few people think about how what they say online can be used against them in a court of law. The law regarding social media and what the government is allowed to view is still evolving, but online postings have been used as evidence in court. Postings made ‘privately’ may not be as private as you think.  Continue reading for more information.

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