Driving with a Cell Phone

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012 – The Arizona State Senate Committee on Public Safety and Human Services unanimously approved a bill that would prohibit teens who hold class “D” or “G” permits or driver’s licenses from using a cell phone – or other wireless communication device – while driving a vehicle.  These permits are held by teens who have not fully completed the requirements for obtaining their driver’s license, or by teens who have their license, but are still within their first six months of driving privileges.

If this bill passes, getting caught using a cell phone while driving the first time could result in a fine of $75 and an extension on the restriction of 30 days for a first violation.  However, getting caught three – or more – times may get teens a fine of $100 and a 30 day license suspension.  This means that the teen’s driver’s license would be suspended, and that teen would not legally be able to drive.  The prohibition against cell phone use would apply only to “D” and “G” holders who are under the age of 18.

The Committee moved the bill with a “Do Pass” recommendation.  In order to become law, the bill must still be considered and passed by the full Senate, then must be passed by the House, and signed by the Governor.


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