Yavapai County Fights Synthetic Drugs

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The Yavapai County Glossary Link Attorney’s Office is attempting to fight the growing problem of synthetic drugs commonly known as “bath salts” and “spice”.  In the beginning of August, the Yavapai County Attorney’s Office sought a motion for preliminary injunction and a permanent injunction against several stores that sell synthetic drugs. A permanent injunction in this case would create a ban on synthetic drugs.  However, a motion for preliminary injunction would only stop the sale of synthetic drugs for a limited time while the larger issue of the ban of synthetic drugs is being decided.

After several days of heart-wrenching testimony the judge declared synthetic drugs a public nuisance and ordered a temporary ban of the substances. The case for a permanent ban of “bath salts” is still ongoing, but the temporary ban gives Yavapai County hope that soon these highly dangerous and unpredictable synthetic drugs will no longer be allowed in their county.

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