Arizona Bans sale, possession and use of "Spice"

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Arizona Governor Jan Brewer signed HB 2167 into law, making it illegal to sell, possess or use synthetic marijuana, otherwise known as "K2" or "Spice." A.R.S. § 13-3401 and A.R.S. § 36-2512 were changed based upon this approved bill.

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Legislative Action

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Amy posted:
KEEP. Marijuana is a drug! All drugs should be illilegal
dani posted:
KEEP. okay so, getting drunk is legal but weed is not? lets review- being drunk, you can drunk drive and kill somebody, you can hit your wife, you can even hurt yourself and a lot of other things.
Tanne posted:
KEEP. Are you kidding me??? I think ALL drugs should be legal for those over 18 years old. Crack, meth, weed, I don't care what people do to their bodies. Besides the fact that we waste tons of money tryi
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Executive Action

The amendment is still being debated under legislative action.

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Judicial Action

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