Texting while Driving

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In 2011, the Arizona Legislature DID NOT PASS SB 1538, a bill that makes it a traffic violation with possible fines and penalties if a person is texting while driving. Learn more about SB 1538, by going to the Arizona legislature's website.

The LawForKids.org "Debate it!" legislature would have passed this bill.

However beware that simply because something is not prohibited under Arizona state law, it may still be illegal under the local law of a particular city or county. For example, the City of Phoenix has a law making it illegal to send text messages while driving: Phoenix City Code 36-76.01. Tucson also has a law prohibiting texting while driving, Code 20-160. To check your city's laws, visit the city website; most cities either post their codes and ordinances online, or link to a site that houses their laws.

Debate It!

Become a legislator, a governor, a president, or a judge. The legislature can change the language of laws. The executive office can accept or veto those changes. If a case is brought before the court, a judge can rule that a law is constitutional or unconstitutional. Read the law above and then become part of the three branches.

Legislative Action

Keep this law Change this law

abby posted:
KEEP. Texting while driving is unbelievably dangerous! When I am a lawyer, I would immediately prosecute you! Please pass SB 1538.
Tyler posted:
KEEP. KEEP. You have the right to do something as long as it does NOT endanger the rights and protection of others and you are violating that if you are texting
Minty posted:
KEEP. The reason I think this law should be kept is because it is dangerous. ALso you will be concentrating more on the phone than where you are going. Plus you sort of need two hands to text. Please keep S
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Executive Action

The legislative branch voted that this law should be changed to read:

A person may not use a handheld communication device to write, send, or read a message while operating a motor vehicle.
Do you want to accept of veto the new law?
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Judicial Action

A case has not yet been filed with the court. The court cannot rule on the constitutionality of a law until it is brought before the court.

Check back to see if a case has questioned the constitutionality of this law.