I am 15 1/2 years old. I moved to AZ last year with my mom. It has been the best years of my life. My biological dad, abused me all the time. He cussed me, hit me, got drunk and high in front of me, pinched me, made me eat salt on my ice cream, threatened to take me away from my mom and worst of all had me court ordered at the age of 7 to 7 different psychiatrists for telling what he was doing to me. To make matters worse, the cops would not help me, DCFS would not help me, and the family court judge forced me to visit him. They accused my mom of PAS and munchausen syndrome. They would not listen to me. It was awful. I have not seen my dad in 4 years and since moving to AZ, he has started in on my mom again, taking her to court to have her thrown in jail for contempt for me not visiting with him. Why would I visit with someone who beats me up and when I finally fight back, the cops are going to put me in a detention home.
well im 13 years old and its 4/11/05 and on 4/12/05 i will be going to detetion at 8:30am.why well i am on probation and i broke probation 9 times i broke it for,truancy,curfew,letters,posetion of stoolin property,drugs,not paying restatuion,under age smoking,under age driking and getting some tikkets.dont know why i did those thinges but know i have to pay for those thinges that i did.i have to go to detetion and drug rehab for 30 days wene i get out of it suckes.i shoudent have done those thinges!!!!!!
Until this day...i have no idea why i started using drugs..i grew up in a good home, had everything i ever wanted, was a cheerleader, and got great grades. That is probably the worst part about my not having an excuse as easy as i had a bad child hood. Things started going down hill my eighth grade summer and this was the year i was introduced to cocaine abd opened up the door to addiction which would spirl my life out of control for the next four years. This was the year when i was sent to my first rehab for forty five days, but i had not hit my bottom yet and started smoking crack when i was released. This soon led to banging cocaine and that soon landed to me in another rehab, only this one was for eleven months. Who would have thought that i would not have been ready yet? Two weeks after i got out (i was then 16) i had already started in on banging heroin. This was my downfall. After stealing 3600 dollars from my parents for a binge week, overdosing 9 times in 6 months, detoxing 4 times and landing in SEF for two months, i was finally ready to make a change. I am now seventeen, already attending college and have a great paying job. I thought that i was going to shoot up heroin for the rest of my life at one point and the worst part was that i was perfectly content with that. Somewhere something changed though and i know that if i can do it..anyone for anyone reading this with addiction wont always be that hard...i promise
When i was 6 my brother touched me. I told my mom about 2 years later and he went to a place like a boot camp and stayed there for 2 years. then he came back and was being really mean to me so now he lives with our grandpa.
Hi, im Jackie and i have been arrested for underage drinking and runaway. I had to go too court for basically running away but the problem was i want the only one who ran. I had alot of frens and we wanted to go out and be our own boss with nobody telling us what to do, but we weren't really fortunate. The cops caught us and sent us to jail for a night but i was the one who was in the drunk tank. My dad bailed me out though and from now on i have learned a lesson just try to obey your parents and keep a close eye on what your doing. I really wish i hadn't done that but it was my heart that chose too it was my doing. I have a parent that loves me and i go and do that.

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