Alex's Story

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I am 15 1/2 years old. I moved to AZ last year with my mom. It has been the best years of my life. My biological dad, abused me all the time. He cussed me, hit me, got drunk and high in front of me, pinched me, made me eat salt on my ice cream, threatened to take me away from my mom and worst of all had me court ordered at the age of 7 to 7 different psychiatrists for telling what he was doing to me. To make matters worse, the cops would not help me, DCFS would not help me, and the family court judge forced me to visit him. They accused my mom of PAS and munchausen syndrome. They would not listen to me. It was awful. I have not seen my dad in 4 years and since moving to AZ, he has started in on my mom again, taking her to court to have her thrown in jail for contempt for me not visiting with him. Why would I visit with someone who beats me up and when I finally fight back, the cops are going to put me in a detention home.