Annie's Story

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I'm not going to say my real name because this is a pretty private story, but i still want you to hear about it. So anyways, me and my friend thought it would be fun to sneak out of the house one night while my parents were asleep. We snuck out my backyard gate at about 11:40pm and headed out to hangout with my boyfriend and his friend. When we got to where we were told to meet them we saw them chugging a waterbottle. but little did we know that waterbottle was filled with water, it was filled with alcohol. I still dont know what type of alcohol it was but obviously it was a pretty strong kind because just after 4 large sips i became VERY drunk. I couldnt walk straight and i was saying strange things. My boyfriend's friend started giving me cigarettes to smoke so i smoked them. but then my boyfriend came over to me and pushed me down in the sand. He raped me. Today, i barely to talk to him. We're over and the only things we ever say to each other are hurtful things. (well HE says hurtful things) but that night changed my life forever and i regret meeting him. I lost my virginity to the most insensitive guy i've ever met. Just remember to watch who you date and to NEVER sneakout of your home at night to meet your boyfriend, especially if he's asked you to have sex with him.