Haley's Story

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I'm Haley and my best friend is Delaney. We had this perfect idea to get some new items. In March 2005 we took one thing for about $2. A week later, we took about $50 worth of makeup. The dext day, we had the guts to go back and take $40 more dollers worth of makeup. We walked out of the store just like happy camerpers without even knowing wat was in front of us. I had Delaney's purse with everything in it. Two HUGE security guys came after us and grabbed us. We were both soo scared. One told me to give him back his muchindise but i yelled back at him to get off of me without even thinking he was a piece of fuzz (cop). We sat in the security room for about 2 hours. We saw all the screens for the cameras, and wow they watch those cameras like an animal hunting their prey! Me and Delaney can't ever go back to the store. If we are even in the parking lot they can have cops out and take us away in handcuffs. We got 10 hours of community service and some counceling. We had to pay the store $100 plus what we took. I lost my spring break and didn't do anything for the longest time. We are both in deep...still...and are just finishing our community service stuff. It was a big thing and at only 13 years old we have a record for theft...not too good!!