Johna's Story

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Hi, my name is Johnathan, And it started with my first joint, it felt good, and i didnt feel like i was dying from drug abuse, like they all told me it would happen, this was when i was 12, after a few months, i got into cocaine, and i thought no big deal, but, that year on my birthday, i had just got a $400 bicycle, went on a ride, and sold it for $250 at a pawn shop, and told my parents it was stolen and they told the police, i didnt care, in the mean time, the money i got from selling the bike, and the birthday money from my grand parents went to Marijuana, Cocaine, and my first Hydrocodone, im 14 now and am out of marijuana and cocaine, but i cant just stop the hydrocodone use, ive almost overdosed twice on liquid hydro, i know im killing myself, but i cant stop, and im telling you this, to try and protect all that may read this if it gets posted. Im telling my school guidance counseler, and im admitting myself to rehab. I hope none of you make these same mistakes, and drugs ARE what they tell you in school, please listen.