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. I have been eagerly wanting to become a lawyer since i was 8 years old. i have even played as a lawyer in school and have won numerous cases.But is there any way i can bring my talent to someone????


In Arizona there are a few steps that a student must complete in order to become a lawyer. First they must attend a college and receive an undergraduate degree. After college, or often during the last year of their college classes, the student will take the Law School Admission Test or LSAT. Then the student goes to a law school and receives a law degree, Juris Doctor. Finally, they must study and pass the Bar Exam. Once they have completed all of these steps they can become a practicing lawyer.

When a student is younger they can do many things that will help them become a lawyer. They can join a mock trial team, participate in the We The People program, visit their local court, take classes about the law or learn about the law by playing games on former Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connors website, ICivics.


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