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I'm having trouble finding the difference between an MIC and the new law 4-244.40. Is there a difference? I blew a .039 and on my citation says I am charged as being a minor with


A.R.S. § 4-244(41) deals strictly with what a person has in their body. This means that the kid does not have to consume or physically possess alcohol in the presence of the cop; rather, this is the charge used when an officer can reasonably suspect that the minor has consumed alcohol and employs a method (such as a portable breath test) to confirm the suspected presence of alcohol in the minor's system.
A.R.S. § 4-244(9) states it is illegal for "a person under the legal drinking age to buy, receive, have in the person's possession or consume spirituous liquor" and is used when the minor, for example, is in possession of unopened alcohol or if the minor is actually observed drinking the alcohol.
Viernes 23 de Julio de 2010
Viernes 23 de Julio de 2010

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