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I just want to know what type of education is needed to pursue a career as a family lawyer?
I know someone who is on probation and on the run, that person is going to be turning 18 in a week or two and I am wondering what happens after that person turns 18 what happens if he/she did not turn him/herself in before turning 18?
I know we have laws, but do they really help the government or people more?
I lost my keys and wallet the other day and someone found them and brought them to public safety at my college. When I went to get my keys back the next morning they had gone through everything in my wallet, found my fake ID and told me that they were kee
I received a $100.00 jaywalking ticket that has no court date on it. What will happen If I don't show up. Is this fine excessive?
I recently broke up with my girlfriend, she has some of my belongings at her dads house where she now lives and refuses to give them back, How do I get my belongings from her
I recently created a law website. Can there be a legal penalty, considering I am only 11, and have not began any type of college or law school?
I recently stole my aunts car but charges were not pressed. I was wondering how long that would stay on my record?
I shoplifted at a Target and at a Wal-Mart what will happen to me? Will I get arrested and put in Juvenille? Please tell me I want to know because I am only 11 years old and I have a whole life ahead of me I can't get put in Jail now.
I slept over at a friend's house and her mom took us out t.p.-ing. We toilet-papered my boyfriend's house and chalked my dad's house. When my mom found out, she freaked! She said that we could be guilty of trespassing, vandalism and criminal damage, and t

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