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If you know a friend or relative that is getting abused, can the abuser go to jail, how long?


There are many degrees of abuse. A low level of abuse will be charged by the police as a misdemenaor, and the sentence in Arizona can be up to six months. There can be a sentence of fines, and/or community service as well. There could also be an order to some kind of therapy, e.g. anger management.

The level of the charge (misdemeanor or felony) and the sentence imposed will depend in great part on whether there has been a prior conviction of abuse.

An abuse that is ongoing, that results in serious physical damage, or that is sexual in nature can lead to very serious charges and to very long prison terms (many years in prison).

If you know of abuse that is going on, you should report it to the police, to a school counselor, to a minister, to a doctor, or to any adult whom you trust. Abuse should be reported because it can increase, and what looks not so serious can become very serious very quickly. Your report could save lives, both of the victim of the abuse, and of other family members.

If you are in need of immediate help with an abuse issue, call one of the hotlines below:

-ArizonaChild Protective Services 888-SOS-CHILD or 888-767-2445

-Child Help USA Hotline 800-422-4453

-National Crisis/Suicide Hotline 800-999-9999

-National Domestic Violence Hotline 800-799-7233

-Teen Link (Various Topics) 800-235-9678

-Youth Crisis Hotline 800-448-4663

If you believe that you are in danger of physical harm, call 911 immediately!

Viernes 23 de Julio de 2010
Viernes 23 de Julio de 2010

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