I just turn 20, i had a truancy for not going to school. would the court restrict my driver liscense which i just got recently or [should I ] pay the total fine?
I'm 19 going to be 20 this summer and my parents are trying to keep me from going to the college I want.How do you take out loans so young, I'm sure I don't have great credit?Are there other ways to pay for college without your parents help? Because mine
I'm enrolled in night school, but there are elective classes that aren't offered there yet they are in day school. How do I legally take the day school electives for credit while in night school?
If a juvenile gets adjudicated for vandalizing a school and they go to jail for it can they go to jail for doing it again?
If a school teacher tells me that I am not allowed to be on the junior high school campus after my high school releases me for the day, am I trespassing when I go to the junior high school the next day?
If a teacher isn't in the classroom fifteen minutes after the bell, may students leave?
If it is not stated in the student handbook, can the administration ban trenchcoats?
If there is a student at school that is caught with drugs is the principal suposed to call the cops?
If you dont trust your teacher or feel he may sexually assault you and they make you stay after class do you have the right to say no and leave.
If you have missed more than 10 days of school, are you legally required to go for no credit?

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