Vandalism and Property Damage

Do people ever get in trouble for graffiti?
Hey, my neighbors cause trouble and during Christmas, we had an inflatable igloo in our front yard. One night they came by and poked holes in it with their cigarettes. They also carved inappropriate language into the igloo. Now it doesn't blow up anymore.
I live in Phoenix and I live in a violent neighborood. I have been robbed two times and we called the cops. They took a while to get to my house.When they arrived, they checked all rooms and they used this black powder to search for fingerprints. They fou
If somebody took an egg and smashed it into the vents at the base of the hood of my car, causing my A/C to smell like rotten eggs in the summer heat, and I was almost 100% sure I knew who did it, but couldn't prove it, could I get them in trouble anyway?
Is it illegal to melt/deface pennies?
Is smashing a cactus with a giant rock illegal? Because thats what my neighbor did to our cactus.
My mom had made a fence aroung our back yard. Kids keep on trespassing by climbing on our fence. They do this because they want to cross from the apartments on the other side of our backyard to the street in front of our house. Can we call the police
Some friends and I paintballed at some houses where construction was stopped half-way through, and the Land was bought out for commerical real estate I believe. The Houses are going to be torn down sometime I am pretty sure. Have I committed Vandilism?
wat is the process for sueing someone , in my case an old roommate and myself were both on a lease and alot went wrng, in the end we got off the lease early but alot of things we were charged for her ex did and she alo paid 0 dollars i payed everything. i
What would I face if I was with people when they were smashing windows? I only broke two out of the many of they did. What class of a crime would it be? and Could I be tried as an adult for it?

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