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Are the penalties for underage drinking differant if you are over 18 but under 21?
Can an insurance company raise the rates on my car insurance for a minor in possession?
Can I be tried for a minor consumption offence (when I was 17) AFTER I turn 18?
Can you get a DUI while riding a bicycle?
I am 18 years old and was at a party with 12 of my friends and alcohol was available. The cops came to the house and were denied entry at first and then we let them in and they told us to all go outside and wait. A cop asked me my name and then asked me
I can't seem to get an answer to this question so I thought I would ask here. What are the penalties, for a 21 year old, for being found drinking in public in the state of Arizona? meaning not drunk and disorderly or having any relation to a vehicle just
I got a dui almost two years ago, the major pain about it is the 2 year suspension on my drivers license. I need a work and school permit so i can be able to get to school and work with out walking in this heat! any idea how i apply for it? oh and i got i
i just got an minor in possesion and a curfew ticket r the gonna take my drivers license away or put me on probation if i have prior offenses
I just watched this report on 60 Minutes with these parents that let their kids have a party and someone drove home drunk and killed themselves. I believe in Kansas they did not have a law against parents that allow parties, but have alcohol, as long as t

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