I am 18 and still enrolled in high school, can my parents legally kick me out of the house?
I am adopted, and I want to move back with my real parents, what should I do?
I am an 18 year old college freshman. I live away from home and pay for all my own expenses. My parents still want to keep control over my bank accounts and will only allow me to touch the money when they say I can. Is there any way I can get an "emancipa
I am an adopted 15 year old boy from Arizona. My adoptive parents abuse me physically and mentally. I am never allowed out of the house besides school. My mother is a heavy drug user and unbearable to be around. I have a close friend that his family is mo
I am in a foster home that I am finally happy with. I am being forced to visit my biological mother and the plan is for me to go back and live with her. I don't want to. Can CPS make me?
I am married but got pregnant by another man. Since I am married, does my husband has the rights to sign the baby's birth certificate even if he is not the biological father? What are my husband's rights in regards to the baby? What are the rights of the
I am pregnant and not married, do I have to list the baby's father's name on the birth certificate? If so, what rights does he have to the child versus if I didn't put his name on the certificate?
I am pregnant and trying to get state assistance... will my father still have to pay child support for me if I am receiving help from the state?
I am seven years old and my parents want to get rid of me. Can they do that?
I can't stand my dad!! I live with my mom, and he's married with two other kids. How old do i have to be in order to choose when i want to visit him or not??

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